Let's capture some special moments together.

I, Amanda Sitterding, am the one behind the camera  at Cyprus Photography.  My goal is to bring out the best in you (and your family) by capturing candid, real-life moments. True and natural emotions bring out the best in people and I want to capture it whether you need a professional headshot, senior or family photos to display in your home.

I live in a small town in Indiana in between Rushville and Greensburg. On our little farm, we have a few chickens, two cats and a Golden Retriever named Tater. I am the mother of two crazy handsome boys  and one darling little girl.  Star Wars and Marvel/DC are my all time favorite franchises. I would consider myself a nerd and am totally a numbers gal. Baking is another passion of mine and I can't wait to continue to grow as I try new recipes.  It's hard finding time for all my hobbies with a growing family but I make do. I also LOVE the outdoors! The smells of nature make my soul happy.   We can't wait to take our kiddos on camping and hiking trips as they get older.  Our family is a circus but I wouldn't want it any other way.  I am glad you are here and wanting to learn more about the face behind the camera and I hope we get to meet!